George Bailey

"Friends of the BNOA" - Award to individuals outside of officiating to be honored with the recognition they deserve for helping advance officiating, retain sports officials, and promote sports in general.
Year Name
2021-2022 B.J. Zeleznik
2020-2021 Dan Highland & Dave Oloffson
2019-2020 Dick Luedke
2018-2019 Dave Ferrenburg
2017-2018 Charlie Lockenour
2016-2017 Doug Adkins
2016-2017 Randy Kindred
2015-2016 Brian Knutson
2014-2015 Stan Lewis
2013-2014 Jim Workman
2012-2013 Matt "The Cat" Adams
2011-2012 Brian Thede
2010-2011 Michael Lootens